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Aspergers Symptoms

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Homeopathy Software provides a wealth of information in 3 databanks: Afflictions (displays homeopathic remedy charts by affliction and related symptoms), Materia Medica (lists information on specific homeopathic products), and Cell Salts (tissue salts). The shareware version includes an introduction to ...
January 14th 2012 Shareware  5 stars 7,327k
Differentiation and Acupuncture Treat
This book has two parts, one for theory of differentiation of TCM, the other for treatment according to differentiation given by acupuncture.
Differentiation of syndromes is the method in TCM of recognizing and diagnosing diseases. In accordance with the basic ...
April 26th 2007 Shareware  5 stars 2,840k
Compliments Social Story and Speech Tool for Preschool, Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome and Special Needs
This app includes a social story about how and why people give compliments, and a simple visual support for giving compliments. The story focuses on why it*s important to give people compliments, and how you should react when a compliment ...
September 23rd 2013 Shareware     
Natural Healing Software contains a large Afflictions database (over 260 entries) with natural remedies and treatments (herbal, nutritional, homeopathic, etc). Natural Healing Software is modular and can be expanded with Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy, and Drug Side-Effects. Also includes Diagnostic ...
July 31st 2005 Shareware  5 stars 6,048k
Wellness Software is a vast compilation of known alternative medicine and natural healing therapies! Search quickly or take your time browsing through the large Afflictions (303 entries) and Herbal (540+ herbs) Databases. Also explore Wellness Software's many charts, text files, ...
November 24th 2014 Shareware  4.5 stars 8,964k
AtamA is a Homeopathic tool and resource featuring a fully linked Repertory and Materia Medica. The Repertory is an abbreviated version of James Kent's *Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica* and includes 10,000+ rubrics in 36 chapters. The Materia Medica ...
January 12th 2003 Demo  4.5 stars 10,977k
Tinnitus Masker Pro
Tinnitus Masker Pro allows you to choose from 14 different sounds and change their parameters so you can achieve the best masking effect for your tinnitus symptoms. Tinnitus Masker Pro is extremely easy to use and get to grips with, ...
September 15th 2003 Commercial    6,500k
NeuroDiet is a neural network application that learns how the foods you eat are related to your health and fitness. All the neural network functions are managed automatically. You don't need to know anything about neural networks. All you need ...
January 17th 2004 Shareware    455k
ChronoControl 3.1 Lite
ChronoControl protects your health and eyesight when working at the computer and guards your children against the negative influence of computer games (both from physical health risks and psychological dependency). Moreover, ChronoControl will help you to substantially enhance the efficiency ...
March 13th 2004 Freeware    1,263k
RYODORAKU acupuncture diagnostic
A simple, non-ivasive, comprehensible method of online self-diagnosing and offline.
With the help of this device you can easily see the disordered organs, to determine the reason of all the symptoms, to see the disorder's level, know weak points in ...
November 26th 2004 Demo    592k
Lovely Cats screensaver
Cats have been known for their mystical ability to heal and restore human beings for ages. Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats as sacred animals summoned to this world to take care of human souls. It is a well known medical fact ...
April 26th 2005 Shareware    1,387k
My Peak Flow
My Peak Flow tracks and charts readings from peak flow meters and asthma symptoms. Print a comprehensive report for your doctor. Providing your doctor with more information can result in better asthma management.

Designed to be used by people with ...
August 29th 2005 Shareware    2,308k
Homeopathic Remedy Browser
Have you ever thought of inverting Kent's repertory to see which symptoms correspond to this or that homeopathic remedy? Now you can do it in seconds with Homeopathic Remedy Browser.

Homeopathic Remedy Browser contains information on 550 homeopathic remedies. This ...
January 28th 2006 Shareware    3,892k
AcuHerb TreatSoft
Main function of system

1.treatment of commonly clinical diseases including prescriptions of acupoints, earpoints and herbs.
2. expert differentiating system.
3. method to select points, including midday-midnight point selection, etc.
4. management, inquirment, statistics, backup and recovery of patient cases.
April 26th 2007 Shareware  5 stars 23,886k
Quit Smoking in 30 Days or Less
This fantastic program will help you to mentally prepare yourself to quit smoking within 30 days. Lets face facts, if you are not mentally prepared to meet this challenge head on you will never quit smoking! You will be guided ...
September 12th 2007 Demo    4,186k
Quit smoking software with quit meter,virtual support and lot's of information about smoking. Stopbuddy is a software product made for people who want to stop smoking. It helps people understand the reasons they smoke, and what the health risks of ...
November 27th 2007 Demo    1,860k
Eye Care
More than 50 percent of computer users experience eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and other visual symptoms related to sustained use of the computer.

'Eye Care' helps you avoid overstrain by locking your computer and forcing you to take a 5-minute ...
April 2nd 2008 Shareware    2,465k
Remmie is a personal homeopathic computer program that helps patients organize there medications and symptoms, its also does all the heavy lifting when it comes to there homeopathy.
February 5th 2009 Shareware    1,228k
Swine Flu Informer
Swine Flu Informer delivers real-time information, tips, and advices on swine flu. Protect your family against possible threats of swine flu epidemic by gaining real-time access to related news! remain healthy by getting the latest tips and advices on how ...
July 8th 2009 Freeware    2,398k
Moo0 XpDesktopHeap
Moo0 XpDesktopHeap lets you increase the limitation of how many windows/applications Windows XP can hold simultaneously.

Windows XP has a low limitation on how many windows/applications it can keep open and running. It is due to the insufficient size of the ...
August 30th 2010 Freeware    3,092k
Mvix MX-760HD Firmware (US-Canada) .9
** THIS FIRMWARE IS FOR MX-760HD models **


* ( ) Improved jukebox repeat, sequence, random functionality with higher stability.
* ( ) Support for new subtitle formats (SSA, Multi-SRT, multi-ST line-SUB, and mixed HTML)
* ( ) Support for BivX (dual ...
September 1st 2011 Freeware    6,380k
Intel DG965RY Sigmatel audio driver 006_5682_IASXP
This download installs the integrated audio driver for Intel Desktop Boards with Sigmatel 9220, 9221, 9221D, 9223, 9227 or 9274D and the Intel Audio Studio, a software application that allows you to configure your audio settings.

IMPORTANT: Audio drivers may fail ...
September 10th 2011 Freeware    24,371k
Intel D925XECV2 Audio driver
Installs the audio driver for Intel Desktop Boards with Intel High Definition Audio and the Realtek* codec. (WHQL certified)

IMPORTANT: Audio drivers may fail to install in Windows* XP 64-Bit Edition. Symptoms may include error messages, such as "Error in installation" ...
September 24th 2011 Freeware    46,981k
Logitech ViewPort AV 100 8.5.0
INSTAEC.EXE is a patch for the Logitech ViewPort AV 100 software version 8.5.0 only. If you have a newer version, you will not need this patch.

This patch resolves issues with PCs using certain sound cards. Symptoms are loss of system ...
September 26th 2011 Freeware    399k
Dell Inspiron 640m / E1405 Notebook CyberLink Dell MediaDirect 3 Windowed Mode A00 for Vista 64-bit
Level of Importance: Urgent
Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to improve the reliability and availability of your Dell system.

Fixes and Enhancements
1. Fixed memory leak issue with PCMService.exe.
2. Fixed issues with Multimedia buttons.
3. ...
September 12th 2011 Freeware    14,735k
Elizabeth Find M.D. Diagnosis Mystery for Mac
Welcome to the life and death drama of the Emergency Room! Follow a team of young doctors and their mentor, Monica Roberts as you unravel a seemingly insoluble problem to provide the key clues for treatment and diagnosis. Analyze the ...
March 25th 2011 Demo    85,903k
Candida Cleanse - Use this small application to have access to candida cleanse information, candida symptoms, candida treatment, candida cure and more. Very easy to use.
September 13th 2011 Freeware    373k
ChronoControl Lite
ChronoControl protects your health and eyesight when working at the computer and guards your children against the negative influence of computer games (both from physical health risks and psychological dependency). Moreover, ChronoControl will help you to substantially enhance the efficiency ...
November 19th 2011 Freeware    1k
Synei System Utilities
Does your computer feel much slower than when you first bought it? Does it include symptoms like freezing, errors, and lag? If so, this should come as no surprise because these symptoms are some of the most common PC problems. ...
April 2nd 2013 Freeware    7,018k
Repetit.Net.T.SQ Lite
Repetit (homoeopathisches Repetitorium) ist ein Programm, dass es ermoeglicht homoeopathische Medikamente mit ihren Symptomen und Leitsymptomen zu erfassen und gezielt nach bestimmten Symptomen zu suchen. Repetit is a homeopathic repertory with a little sample database. You can add the medicine ...
January 25th 2013 Freeware    1,102k
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Diagnosing Java Code: The Impostor Type bug pattern
This article of Diagnosing Java Code examines the symptoms and causes of the imposter bug that appears when special tags in fields are used to differentiate between types of objects. This illustrates ways to prevent this bug from occurring, and ...
December 16th 2005 Freeware     
Event ID 1003 with ASP.NET Deadlock
This is an online tutorial that discusses about deadlock in ASP.NET. This tutorial lists out the symptoms of this problem and guides readers to solve this problem. This tutorial also instructs users to be having certain knowledge in handling registry ...
November 26th 2005 Freeware     
This is a medlink perl program which is created for handling medical sites. This script permits the users to enter URL, diagnosis names and symptoms which corresponds to the diagnosis. This script supports sites like cardiovascular sites, vetenerian sites, cancer ...
November 22nd 2005 Commercial     
MedLink CGI
MedLink is a CGI Medical database and analysis program. Ideal for any medical site; from general medical sites to specific sites such as optometry sites, cancer sites, cardiovascular sites, even vetenerian sites. Easy to use database allows you to enter ...
November 21st 2005 Commercial     
PRB: "Remote Calls Are Not Allowed for This Process" Error Message When You Debug ASP.NET Page
In this tutorial, one of the error message displayed while debugging is discussed in detail. The author tells the symptoms, cause and its rectification. Without loading DCOM, / if the user runs a VS.NET, then this type of error message ...
December 10th 2005 Freeware     
Castor (medical information manager)
A model of Castor OPERATION.Features of Castor (medical information manager):- Search for registered patients more robust- Deployment screen all pregnant controls including closed- Automatic identification of cases of re-admission controls, DM, HTN and Obesity- Added the format 2007 of the ...
April 11th 2013 Shareware    10,496k
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